J.M.D CONSULTANTS Where you can off load your service hassles to us, due to heightened awareness of prevailing the Facility Management Services. The assets of the company assume great importance. The  Industrial and Business Houses require peaceful and tension free work place for optimum efficiency. Therefore, it is essential that an appropriate and “Made to Order” Facility  Management Services is provided at the sites, offices, industries and residential premises.


We have know‐how and the expertise to meet your facility Management Services requirements. Our dedicated staff works with a sense of purpose. We ensure checks by our supervisory staff during day and night. Our charges are cost effective and realistic so as to provide “Maximum Services at Minimum Cost.” Our endeavor would be to reduce your worries associated with facility  Management Services. On hearing from you, our officer will call you to understand your requirements for further discussions.

When We Started

Our organization was established in 2005. since then we are providing magnificent services to Government, Semi Government, Corporate and Authorities

The Staff are specially trained to provide object full services to clients.

As a policy we always have close and regular interaction with the client at all levels enabling us to get the real picture of Our services and first-hand information from the clients. So that we can take remedial action immediately.

We have efficient and trained field staff to supervise and check the client’s unit during day & night.

Our office is communicable round the clock specially on Mobile phones. Proper police verification is being done after the recruitment and before the deputation of staff on the post. Which means that the staff is deputed on the post only after proper police verification.

we supply uniforms to our Security Personal and have own colour and stitching arrangements. Which are Standardized, for Better Turn, and Uniform, Stitching arrangements. Which are standardized, for Better turn and uniform among the security & housekeeping personnel.
However, any Special, Uniform on demand of client is also provided. (like ceremonial uniform of special Occasions).

We maintain number of Four wheelers and Two wheelers and STAND for meeting the emergencies at the unit area of 500 Kms.

Yes we care about our Employees

We cover all our personal for all statutory obligations like – Minimum Wages, Bonus, PF, ESI Gratuity and Leave. We have obtained our own registration code Nos. with 

We cover Personal under workmen Compensation Act, thereby avoiding inconvenience to the principal employer.



We have number of Junior Officers from Army, Air Force, Navy to admin contract. Thereby, you can expect professional and personalized services from our organization. We have every cordial and healthy relation with all the members of our team. This is adding an advantage for our clients.